Crystal Springs Consulting can help you develop the sources, procedures and message to fully capitalize upon the growing demand for authenticity and honesty.


Authentic Sourcing
The right ingredients for your products.

Many ingredients can Improve a product. Any ingredient can destroy it.

Many companies today are paying a high price because of their history of sourcing cheap ingredients. Melamine in pet food, ground beef "washed" in ammonia, peanut butter tainted with salmonella...all of these shortfalls have cost companies millions of dollars, and have undermined the confidence customers have in the integrity of food products.

Companies wanting to verify their ingredients for protocols such as U.S. produced, humanely raised, local, sustainably grown, certified organic or grassfed, can utilize the expertise of Crystal Springs Consulting to establish reliable, reputable sources.

Crystal Springs has unique expertise in developing producer networks dedicated to growing crops and livestock that meet any of these stringent requirements.

We'll also help you work with processors and manufacturers dedicated to the highest standards of product integrity and supply-chain traceability.