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This word is often associated with organic and natural foods. The term implies that organic farmers and food manufacturers deliberately price their products to be only within reach of folks who start every morning with a double-caramel latte sipped behind the wheel of a Lexus.

Every organic and natural meat producer I know would love to have their products available to customers at every income level. But they are playing in a game where the rules consistently put them 20 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

The conventional food system today has been driven to be cheap... in terms of both price and nutrition. As the organic food business grows, the industry will be able to capitalize on greater efficiency in processing and transportation infrastructure. Even then, growing organic food will still cost more than its conventional counterpart.

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Authenticity Matters

Today's customers want to know the facts behind the food they buy. Packaging with pastoral farm images no longer suffices; these customers want to know the people and practices involved in bringing food from the farms to their tables.

An increasingly complex web of governmental regulation and private certification seek to provide customers with that information. This sea of certification protocols and label claims can be overwhelming for manufacturers and customers alike.

Dave Carter of Crystal Springs Consulting, Inc. works with farmers, manufacturers, marketers and federal agencies to cut through the clutter and confusion. Crystal Springs Consulting specializes in:

  • Identifying the production protocols, certification claims and regulatory requirements that will differentiate a product in the marketplace.

  • Assisting companies in "telling the story" behind those protocols.

  • Crystal Springs Consulting is dedicated to restoring customers' faith in the marketplace, and in the products they purchase. Let us help you build profitability by promoting the authenticity of your products.