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Authenticity Matters

Today's customers want to know the facts behind the food they buy. Packaging with pastoral farm images no longer suffices; these customers want to know the people and practices involved in bringing food from the farms to their tables.

An increasingly complex web of governmental regulation and private certification seek to provide customers with that information. This sea of certification protocols and label claims can be overwhelming for manufacturers and customers alike.

Dave Carter of Crystal Springs Consulting, Inc. works with farmers, manufacturers, marketers and federal agencies to cut through the clutter and confusion. Crystal Springs Consulting specializes in:

  • Identifying the production protocols, certification claims and regulatory requirements that will differentiate a product in the marketplace.

  • Assisting companies in "telling the story" behind those protocols.

  • Crystal Springs Consulting is dedicated to restoring customers' faith in the marketplace, and in the products they purchase. Let us help you build profitability by promoting the authenticity of your products.